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June 03 2022

2022 Declaration: a Chance to Enhance Environmental Rule of Law in the Process of Achieving Sustainable Development Objectives and Goals

Environmental rule of law and sustainable development are undoubtedly the two most significant terms...

June 02 2022

The Failure of Climate Change Multilateralism and its Urgent Reboot

Why is humanity still losing the war against the climate crisis despite five decades worth of intern...

May 12 2022

Addressing the Triple Crisis (Climate, Biodiversity and Pollution): Non-regression and Harmony With Nature

The urgency of the situation needs not to be proven anymore. Stockholm +50 represents a once in a ge...

March 30 2022

The Long Path Towards “Environmental Democracy” and the Role of Public Participation

Sixty years ago, the bases for environmental protection were outlined, with the need to establish co...

March 02 2022

The High-level Declaration for Stockholm+50: A Renewal of Past Commitments and Creation of New Commitments to Mother Earth 50 Years On

As we return to Stockholm on 2 June 2022 to commemorate 50 years since the 1972 United Nations Confe...

February 28 2022

An Emerging Principle: Weighing Effective Implementation of Environmental Law via Legal Indicators

Environmental law, despite its amazing growth for about half a century, has yet to be fully implemen...

February 16 2022
Operationalizing “One Health” through a Pandemic Treaty

Operationalizing “One Health” through a Pandemic Treaty

The World Health Assembly has recently started a negotiation process for a convention or other inter...

February 01 2022
Can multilateralism rise to the moment for Stockholm +50?

Can multilateralism rise to the moment for Stockholm +50?

People worldwide have high hopes for the Stockholm+50 moment and the 2022 Declaration. Despite the h...

January 26 2022

2022 Declaration: Enhancing the Implementation of International Environmental Law

The 2022 Declaration resulting from the UNEP@50 international conference could be a strong document....

December 16 2021

Ecocide as a fifth crime at the International Criminal Court

This criminal law route can therefore provide an enforceable deterrent to underpin and support UNFCC...

December 14 2021

Technological leaps will transform environmental governance

Technology is advancing much more rapidly than are diplomatic institutions. It will become increasin...

November 25 2021

Bringing the legacy of Olof Palme to build a greener future

Olof Palme, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, underlined the importance of a firm global response...

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