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September 06 2021

Why Include Animal Welfare in the 2022 Declaration?

Animal welfare is still missing at the UN and particularly in its Agenda for the Environment, even i...

May 10 2021

What if the Global Pact for the Environment took the form of a simple declaration: a Trojan horse for better implementation of environmental standards?

Regardless of its legal form, it is the level of adherence of States to the norm that will ultimatel...

May 09 2021

A Fifty Year Stocktaking and Achieving Transformative Change through the Rule of Environmental Law

Transformation cannot be achieved without collective action. It is essential for States to take the ...

May 02 2021

2022 And a New Path for Environmental Law in the Global Economy

International law is based on the shared purposes of states, yet its fragmented nature reduces its a...

April 29 2021

‘To Know Without Knowing?’ Reinforcing the Science-Policy Interface in Global Environmental Governance

Stockholm +50 should be action-oriented to strengthen the interface between science and internationa...